Common Locksmith FAQ's

Yes. When you are insured with full coverage, roadside assistance is also provided. The standard features of roadside assistance include jump-starting, tire change, towing, and car opening. Be sure to retain proof of payment and contact your insurance agent for more information.

Yes. You should rekey all locks for the security and protection of your business and its assets. Furthermore, it may also be prudent to change the security settings of exit devices & alarms. In the event of theft or break-in, former employees can be eliminated from the list of suspects. Rather than using multiple keys for my home/apartment.

Yes. If you have same-brand locks, a residential locksmith can re-key the locks to work with just one key. Also, a master key can be created for one specific lock that can be used for anyone that m ight need limited access to your home like a cleaning service, nanny, etc. A master key allows access only to a specific door or group of locks.

It is unlawful to copy keys marked: "Do Not Copy", "Unlawful to Copy", or "Do Not Duplicate" without an authorization letter from the supervisor or owner.

Getting locked out of your car can be terribly frustrating. Remain calm and check every door as well as the trunk to be sure you are locked out. If you cannot get into the car, contact our automotive locksmiths as soon as possible. Our car opening specialists will get you back into your vehicle in a swift and cost effective manner.

No. After your keys are stolen your locks can be rekeyed by resizing the tumbler inside the lock cylinder. Rekeying your locks is a low cost solution for your residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith security needs.

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